Best Outfield Gloves

If you want a glove that will allow for optimal outfield performance, you will need to examine your options carefully. In this article we will review some of the beset outfield gloves available today.

Our top choice is the Rawling Sure Catch Fastpitch Glove, as it boasts an incredibly versatile design. This glove can be used for baseball and softball, and it is ideal for a variety of positions. It offers a good balance and durable construction. You can count this glove to retain its shape over time.

Before you decide on a certain glove, we recommend taking a close look at each of the products below. All of these gloves have something to offer.

How We Picked The Best Outfield Gloves

When looking for products to put on our best outfield gloves list, there were a number of things we considered. We first looked at the webbing of each one. This will have a tremendous impact on the overall performance of the glove. Cruciform and H-web patterns are widely regarded as being ideal for outfield gloves.

We also took a close look at the materials of each glove before selecting any in particular for our list. A genuine leather construction will give you lasting durability for a long time. You’ll definitely want to look for gloves that have an all-leather shell. This will provide you with years of reliable performance.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Outfield Gloves 2022:

Franklin Sports ProFlex Fastpitch Outfield Mitt

Rawlings Sure Catch Fastpitch Glove

Unihoh Easy Break in Outfield Glove

Rawlings ‎P125BFL-0/3 Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove

Wilson A1000 KP92 12.5" Baseball Glove


Franklin Sports ProFlex Fastpitch Outfield Mitt

The Franklin Sports ProFlex Fastpitch Outfield Mitt does not require a break in period, so you can start using it right away. It boasts an incredibly sturdy overall construction with a cowhide palm that does not wear quickly.

This glove’s PVC shell is also designed to stand the test of time. It has a PU-laminated back that holds up incredibly well with regular use over a period of multiple years. You can get years of use from it with very little damage.

We also really like the synthetic leather lining of this glove. It is strong enough to hold the mitt together effectively under tremendous pressure. You can therefore depend on it to serve you well for quite a long time.

One of the reasons we chose the ProFlex Fastpitch for our list of best outfield gloves is its versatile design. It can be used for baseball as well as softball. You’ll also find that this glove can fit children and adults.

The adjustable strap gives you a customized fit to ensure total comfort. You should have no issues whatsoever when it comes to getting a perfect fit that feels just right on your hand.

If you are looking for an outfield glove that is tough and versatile, this one has a lot to offer. It also has a stylish design with a black and tan color scheme. You’ll be able to use this glove for multiple seasons without having to worry about significant wear or damage.


  • Versatile design allows for use in baseball and softball
  • Durable PVC and PU construction will last a long time
  • Adjustable wrist strap helps you achieve the perfect overall fit
  • Tough synthetic leather lining is rip and tear resistant
  • Does not require a break in period


  • Might be a bit small for some adults


Rawlings Sure Catch Fastpitch Glove

The Rawling Sure Catch Fastpitch Glove is ready to use right away, as you won’t be required to break it in at all. This means that you’ll be able to get perfect performance your first time using it.

You’ll find that this glove has a basket web design that makes it easy for kids to catch line drives as well as fly balls. It has a versatile design that is well-suited to a number of positions, including outfielder. This makes it a great choice for inexperienced youth.

We were also very impressed by the highly durable construction of this glove. It features a 100% leather shell, as well as generous cushioning in the finger linings. You can expect a high degree of comfort, which ultimately helps with enhancing overall performance.

It definitely will retain its original shape very well over the long term. We found that it offers a good amount of balance, which is a huge plus. These are just a couple of the reasons we chose the Sure Catch for our list of best outfield gloves.

The Sure Catch Technology that this glove uses will give you a very intuitive feel from the moment you put it on. It has an incredibly lightweight design, which helps you respond faster on the field. You’ll also appreciate the Velcro wrist strap closure, which allows for a custom fit. It is very easy to get it to a position that will provide you with a snug but comfortable feel.


  • Highly versatile design can be used for outfield and other positions
  • Perfect for children who are just starting out in baseball or softball
  • Lightweight design helps increase response time
  • Internal finger padding gives you additional comfort
  • Velcro strap closure provides you with a snug and secure fit


  • Some customers say it does require a short break in period


Unihoh Easy Break in Outfield Glove

The Unihoh Outfield Glove has a sturdy overall construction that consists of PU leather. It is designed to resist wear and provide a comfortable but secure fit. You can expect a high level of protection at all times.

It doesn’t take very long to break in this glove, so you can begin using it within just a few days. The cruciform web pattern makes it perfect for novices as well as more experienced players. This design will help you catch fly balls on a consistent basis easier than ever.

You’ll find that the large pocket makes it easy to get into, so you’ll never have to struggle when putting it on. The wrist back of this glove features a stereoscopic sponge design that protects your wrist. It also helps give you a comfortable overall fit for hours at a time.

The palm and index finger pads in this glove are thickly cushioned to provide further comfort. This makes it easy to wear all day long without any fatigue.

One of the reasons we chose this product for our best outfield gloves list is its reinforced construction. It features double suture thread, which makes this glove incredibly strong and sturdy.

You can therefore expect it to last for a very long time through regular use. You won’t have to deal with the kind of wear and tear that so many other gloves have issues with.


  • Cruciform web pattern makes glove ideal for all experience levels
  • Deep pocket allows you to catch fly balls with minimal effort
  • Reinforced leather construction offers years of reliable use with little wear
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Doesn’t take a long time to break in


  • Inside padding could be a bit thicker


Rawlings ‎P125BFL-0/3 Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove

The Rawlings P125BFL Baseball Glove features a deep pocket that is ideal for outfield play. It features a special palm padding that is designed to reduce impact force. This helps keep you comfortable and reduces hand fatigue, which you’ll definitely appreciate during long games. You’ll no longer have to deal with that awful stinging sensation when catching balls.

You’ll be able to start using this glove soon after getting it out of the box. It has a short break in period, so you won’t have to wait very long to begin playing with it.

The flex loop Velcro strap on this glove makes it easy to achieve an excellent overall fit. You’ll be able to get a perfect balance of snugness and comfort for each of your games.

Players of all different skill and experience levels can benefit from this glove. It is designed for easily scooping up grounders, as well as catching fly balls. You can use it interchangeably for baseball and softball. This impressively versatile design makes it one of the best outfield gloves available right now.

You will also notice that this Rawlings baseball glove is fairly light, so you’ll get that little bit of extra speed. This can make a huge difference when it comes down to a matter of seconds in an important game.


  • Adjustable strap lets you get a customized fit that is just right
  • Deep pocket makes catching fly balls easier than ever
  • Designed for scooping up grounders
  • Basket web design makes it perfect for a multitude of field positions
  • Thick inside padding reduces impact force for improved comfort


  • Some complaints about glove being a little stiff


Wilson A1000 KP92 12.5″ Baseball Glove

The Wilson A1000 KP92 12.5-inch Baseball Glove features a T-web pattern with a pro-laced design. This gives you the perfect feel and functionality for optimal outfield play.

We especially like the durable reinforced construction of this glove. It boasts an all-leather shell and lining, as well as rawhide laces. You can count on it to stand the test of time through many games and practice sessions.

Once you have fully broken in this glove, it fits perfectly. It will conform to your hand, offering a secure but comfortable fit. The web pattern of this glove is ideal for catching fly balls and grounders. You’ll find that it is also easy to slide in and out without sacrificing snugness.

There is also the deep pocket, which also makes it perfect for the outfield position. You should have no problems whatsoever with catching fly balls securely.

You’ll instantly notice the soft feel of this glove when you put it on. It offers a comfortable but strong design that you’ll always be able to count on. This impressively reliable construction makes it one of the best outfield gloves available on the internet today.

There is also a good amount of padding inside of this glove, which helps reduce hand fatigue and discomfort. It can therefore be worn for long periods with no issues whatsoever.


  • All-leather shell is extremely durable and long lasting
  • Deep pocket lets you catch fly balls with relative ease
  • Softly padded inside gives you a nice comfortable fit
  • Fits perfectly once the brief break-in period has passed
  • Professional webbing for enhanced overall performance


  • A bit too small for adults that have large hands


Best Outfield Gloves Buying Guide

Best Outfield Gloves

As you look into the best outfield gloves online, it is important to review each of your options carefully. Below you will find a list of criteria for evaluating these products. This information will help you choose a glove that matches your needs perfectly.


It is important that you take a close look at the construction of each one before settling on a certain one. Some of the very best outfield gloves available are made entirely of leather.

There is no question that leather gloves tend to last longer than most others on the market. This material holds up well against regular use, and it is generally resistant against rips and tears.

Gloves that are made of genuine leather also tend to retain their shape nicely over time. You certainly don’t want to deal with any warping as your glove becomes more worn in.

You’ll also want to look at gloves that feature steer hide material, as they can be very tough and reliable. Full-grain leather will definitely give you your money’s worth.


Take a look at the closure design of every glove you come across. The very best outfield gloves tend to have a Velcro closure that can be adjusted for the perfect fit. This allows you to achieve a fit that isn’t too tight or loose. There are quite a few great gloves that you can simply slide into, but you won’t get a perfect custom fit.

Wear-In Period

You also need to look into the amount of time each glove takes to fully wear in. We recommend buying one that has a short wear-in period. This way you can start using it sooner rather than later, which is always good.

There are a number of gloves that claim to not require a wear-in period, which is definitely something to consider. The best outfield gloves don’t always need to be worn in.


The depth of the glove’s pocket is another crucial factor to consider before making a final decision. There is no question that the best outfield gloves have a very deep pocket. This makes it easier to catch fly balls and grounders.

If you buy a glove that doesn’t have a very deep pocket, you’ll have a big problem with catching. You’ll need to make sure that when the ball hits the glove, it stays inside.


You’ll definitely want to choose a glove that is designed to provide the wearer with a decent amount of comfort. The best outfield gloves often feature special padding with a shock absorbing design. This padding minimizes impact force, which will keep hand fatigue to an absolute minimum.

It is also a good idea to look for gloves that have soft cushioning in the palm and finger linings. This will really go a long way towards helping you avoid any discomfort while playing.

Web Pattern

The web pattern that your glove features is definitely worth thinking about as well. A T or H web pattern is recommended for these gloves. You should also consider getting one with a cruciform pattern, as this design can be quite beneficial too.

Keep in mind that the web pattern will definitely affect your ability to catch and hold the ball effectively. This is why it is so important to review your options. An open web design is absolutely essential for outfielders.


Make sure that you check the size options of each glove as you do your research. The very best outfield gloves come in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to find the right one.

Children who are between 8 and 13 years old will use a glove that measures 11 to 12 inches, while high school age children will use a glove that is 12 to 13 inches.

We recommend checking the customer reviews to ensure that each glove is true to size. The last thing you want is to end up with a glove that runs very small or large.


As you explore some of the best outfield gloves available, you’ll find that some of them are incredibly versatile. You might want to consider buying one that can be used for multiple positions. This will be extremely beneficial if you ever decide to change positions at any point.


When you exploring the best outfield gloves in search of one that matches your needs, it is important to consider each one’s design. You’ll want to select a glove with a superb webbing pattern and a deep pocket. This will give you the best outfield performance possible. Feel free to let us know what you think about our list by leaving a comment below.

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